Inside This Backpack A Man Finds Abandoned…

Inside This Backpack A Man Finds Abandoned...
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Parents are supposed to protect their children and do everything in their power to keep them safe, which is why one passerby was so stunned to see how parents left a newborn baby.

At around 7:45 p.m., a pedestrian was walking in the Food City parking lot in Tempe, Arizona when he stopped to investigate a backpack left in a shopping cart. He picked the bag up, realized there was definitely something inside, and then carefully started to unzip it.

When the man, whose identity has not been released, opened the bag, he discovered a naked infant wrapped in a blanket. And while it was 103 degrees outside, the baby was miraculously still alive. The man immediately reported the baby to the store’s manager, who then called the police.

“The [umbilical] cord was cut, but it’s still attached,” the manager said. “Oh my goodness. The baby was just barely born right now.” And when asked if the baby was breathing, the manager only replied that ‘She’s beautiful.’ Paramedics arrived shortly after to care for the baby, but police are now looking to find the people responsible for abandoning the infant. “If you have information about this newborn’s identity, the identity of her parents or recognize this backpack police are asking you to please call Tempe Police at 480-350-8311,” Tempe Police said in a statement.

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[Featured image: Tempe Police Department]

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