Tiny Fawn Beats The Heat In New Jersey

Tiny Fawn Beats The Heat In New Jersey
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If there’s one weather prediction your local meteorologist gets right every year, it’s that each summer is apparently going to be more unbearably hot than the last.

But while humans have the necessary means to cool down, many of our animal friends are left defenseless as they battling the scorching heat.

But luckily for one deer in Freehold Township, New Jersey, its human neighbors let it enjoy all the perks of their in-ground pool. They noticed the nugget doing laps in the pool one day and just let it happen. Since then, the fawn has made swimming a daily thing!

Sure, this cutie won’t be small enough to fit through the fence for too long, but for now it’s the perfect solution to dealing with a scorching summer!

(Via Daily Mail)

When it comes to cooling off, this deer’s certainly no dummy! Share this if you’d totally let wildlife in your area do the same thing.

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