Top 10 Russian Idioms

Top 10 Russian Idioms
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We know every country has their own idioms, which often make no sense to anyone other than those who have grown up with them, but for those in the know, they make perfect sense!

We are bringing you Russia’s TOP TEN idioms, with a helping hand from renowned artist Nathan James. By the time you’ve familiarised yourself with these, we’re hoping you won’t get overexcited… but you’ll jump out of your pants!

#1 Russians Don’t Exaggerate, They ‘Make An Elephant Out Of A Fly’

#2 A Russian Won’t Lie To You, He’ll ‘Hang Noodles On Your Ears’

#3 You Are Not Just Talented Or Skilled, You Can ‘Shoe A Flea’

#4 A Russian Person Doesn’t Swear Something Is True… He Will ‘Give You His Tooth For It’

#5 A Russian Doesn’t Get Overexcited, He ‘Jumps Out Of His Pants’

#6 A Russian Doesn’t Say He’s In A Crowded Place, He Says He’s ‘Like Herring In The Barrel’

#7 Russians Don’t Show Off… They ‘Throw Dust In Your Eyes’

#8 It’ll Never Happen – ‘A Lobster Whistles On Top Of A Mountain’

#9 Russians Don’t Say You Have An Interesting Aspect To Your Character, They Say You Have A ‘Raisin’

#10 Russians Don’t Have A Snack, They ‘Kill The Worm’

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